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At Martinizing in Davison, we’re all about convenience and quality services for all of our customers

Martinizing Dry Cleaners Davison - About Us - Dry Cleaning DavisonThat’s right; we’re Martinizing Davison, MI. And yes, you’re right again. We are the best dry cleaners for all of your dry cleaning needs and you can call us right now at 810.771.6099 for what you want.  You’re right one more time.  Our services surpass the services of other cleaners because we’re Martinizing.  That name is synonymous with great services and conveniences for our customers.

Since 1949, more than 60 years now Martinizing has been providing quality services for patrons; and as a result we have become the biggest name in dry cleaning in the country.  That’s fact!  The reason for our longevity is our commitment to our customers and our superior-quality services.  And we provide for all of you the best service, which is convenience.

Changing trends where businesses are concerned have required that we proactively change to comply with those trends.  It’s the only way to continue satisfying our customers.  Today, 21st century consumers require the very best from the businesses they support and ask for quality services from those businesses, whether the business is a restaurant, day care, corporation or dry cleaner.  And because consumers are the busiest ever, they insist on convenience. And we have been about providing convenience for our customers for a long time.

Martinizing Dry Cleaners Davison - About Us - Laundry DavisonWe’ve met those convenient requirements and continue to do so by providing our best convenience free pickup and delivery services.  You don’t even have to leave your home or office to get your laundry and dry cleaning done.  We will come to where you are and pick up your garments and laundry and deliver them back to where you say.  That’s a great convenience that many other dry cleaners don’t provide.

Throughout the years our services have been superior and more than satisfactory to our customers.  And just so that you know, we service Davison, Fenton, Flint, Grand Blanc and surrounding areas. That’s what we’re about, too.  Great services.  We already have satisfied customers in these cities and we want you to be another satisfied customer.  Call us today at 810.771.6099.  We’ll prove it to you.

Check this out just for starters. When you let us take care of your clothes you get:

Martinzing Dry Cleaners Davison - About Us - Dry Cleaners DavisonA dry cleaner that saves you time and money:  We understand that families are busier than ever and need to find ways to manage their time and responsibilities at home. When it comes to reliable, affordable, and convenient dry cleaning, we are the best choice.

A dry cleaners that is environmentally friendly:  We use only environmentally friendly dry cleaners, and by cutting down on the number of trips you take in your vehicle you’re reducing your own carbon footprint, which is good for the environment, too; you save money, time, and you save fuel.

A dry cleaners that is reliable and trustworthy:  When it comes to us picking up your garments, you choose a convenient and accessible pick up location. We can even go to your back porch or garage (key code) to pick up your garments.  Providing you with your personalized ID tag on your Bright Blue Bag and the door hook ensures your clothes are delivered safely and stay clean and pressed.

That’s just some of what we’re all about. And here’s the most important aspect of what we’re all about― Your complete satisfaction with our services. Our efforts fit your lifestyle and whether you are a college student, a busy professional, a parent on-the-go or all three, you’ll be the beneficiary of our convenient services. Call us right now at 810.771.6099.

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